By the time production was closed down in 2011, the gasworks had spent over a century supporting the lives of Stockholmers in various ways: from powering the city’s streetlights to heating domestic stoves. With the construction of Stockholm Royal Seaport, the largest and most cutting-edge urban development project in northern Europe, the gasworks now called Gasverket is being placed in a whole new context. In partnership with the City of Stockholm, we are now planning the next phase, with a view to channelling the energy of the inner city back out to Gasverket. Based around the old brick architecture, we are developing a new urban centre that will offer both a convenient and comfortable life for residents and a stage for creative and innovative activities that appeal to all our senses. Local services alongside culture, design and gastronomy will give the area a dynamic life – day and night. With shops and restaurants at ground level, services and offices one floor up and housing at the top, Gasverket will be an area in constant movement, where residents, workers and visitors are given opportunities for unexpected encounters. All in a unique setting dominated by Ferdinand Boberg’s stunning brick architecture.