The development of Frihamnen is one of the core components of Vision Älvstaden, Gothenburg’s biggest urban development project, which is aimed at growing the city centre out across the river and making the water an accessible and natural part of the city for all its residents. The location is unique. Within walking distance of Central Station and Nordstan shopping centre, a dense, sustainable and vibrant mixed-use development is being created on the waterfront, with a host of amenities and activities. The area also has the potential to become the local centre Hisingen lacks and create a natural link between Hisingen and the city centre. As one of eight selected contributors, we have been tasked with helping to draw up the detailed development plan for the first phase, which is set for completion in 2021. The City of Gothenburg is very clear that Frihamnen is to be developed into a truly mixed-use area with a rich range of amenities, and one that is full of life day and night – an urban development philosophy that chimes perfectly with our business concept and working model.